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Memory Foam Toppers

Anatomic Toppers


  • What is the warranty?

    What is the difference between the Premier 4 and the Ultimate 5 Memory Foam Toppers?
    The difference is the density of the Memory Foam. The Premier 4 is a 4lb density, while the Ultimate 5 is a 5lb density Visco elastic memory foam. The Ultimate Topper will give a slightly firmer feel than the Ultimate. Both foams are created by Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF), also know as Chamber foam, meaning they are produced in one of four patented chambers that exist in the world. Each is owned and operated by Foamex International, the largest polyurethane producer in the world. VPF manufacturing creates more consistent, more durable, and higher performing foam than traditional foam manufacturing methods. In addition, the sealed chamber, allows for the most environmentally friendly manufacturing of memory foam product in the world.   top

    Is the Tempur-pedic foam different than what is available at SleepWarehouse?
    Tempur-Pedic foam is memory foam with an approximate 5.3 lb density rating. Sleepwarehouse also offers a premium memory foam surface, the Ultimate 5, with a 5.0 lb density rating. The toppers available from Tempur-pedic are a little thicker (3” thick instead of 2”), but the price difference is staggering. The Queen Tempur-pedic topper goes for $888 (as of 06/15/04), plus another $75.00 shipping, as compared to the Ultimate 5 Queen sized topper selling at $119.95 with FREE shipping. top

    Can I use an Anatomic topper and a Memory Foam topper together?
    Yes. While the anatomic benefit of the Anatomic Mattress topper is maximized when used by itself, many consumers want both the luxurious memory foam surface and anatomic support. By placing the memory foam topper on top of the anatomic surface you get the memory feel, with some anatomic support underneath. top

    Did NASA really design memory foam?
    Visco elastic memory foam was developed in the early 1970s at a NASA research center with hopes of reducing impact of the G-Forces the astronauts experienced during the launch stage. The use of memory foam in sleep surfaces, however was a later development resulting from the bedding industry. top

    Some retailers are giving away free covers with their products, why doesn't Sleepwarehouse do the same?
    Usually the "e;free"e; covers are low cost, imported from the orient, and of significantly lesser quality than the average bed sheet. Most consumers don't even use them or they just fall apart after a few washing.  SleepWarehouse prefers to focus on the best quality sleep products available.  If you would like a 'quality' cover to protect your pad, SleepWarehouse does carry a line of mattress pad topper covers. Our topper covers are custom made to fit your pad and designed to hold up to routine washing.  Each cover is treated with "e;UltraFresh"e; to prohibit bacteria growth.  top

    Sleepwarehouse offers products for so much less than other retailers. What is the catch?
    The difference is factory direct pricing, as opposed to the large middleman, national brand, or retail mark-ups that occur on most memory foam products. Sleepwarehouse features not just good product, but what we believe to be the top memory foam material produced in the world. Selling direct in large volume, allows us to pass tremendous savings on to our consumers. top

    What is the difference between the Anatomic pads and those inexpensive egg crate type products?
    For years the foam bedding industry has tried to mimic the patented anatomic technology by cutting patterns or designs into their foam products and calling them “zones”. The truth is that only products that carry the “Feeling is Anatomic” logo were produced using the patented extraction process. Other foam products have produced patterns that may look like zones, but do not have variable support from one zone to the next. One night on any of the Anatomic Mattress Toppers will end the comparisons. top

    Can I use the Anatomic Pads on a futon? On a box springs?On the ground?
    The Anatomic pads need a flat stable support underneath to perform at maximum levels. However, through the years we have heard of customers using them in tents, on the floor, in campers, dorm rooms, hotel rooms, and directly on their box springs. We wouldn't however expect the product to perform very well on futon, at least most of the ones we have reviewed, as they are not very stable surfaces. Remember, all purchases from Sleepwarehouse include a 30 day satisfaction guarantee in the event your alternative use for the product does not perform up to your expectations. top

    What is the advantage of Anatomic Surfaces over Air?Water?Regular Mattresses?
    The Anatomic Mattress Toppers feature variable support thanks to the patented manufacturing process. The result is that the heavier parts of your body sink in further, while your lumbar and upper legs benefit from specially designed support zones. It is impossible for a uniform surface, whether it is water, air, or a traditional mattress to both be soft and relieve pressure points, but also support areas that need it (Lumbar/lower back). Even the adjustable air beds we have reviewed, only adjust overall firmness and do not provide the variable support zones to protect the spine's natural shape. In fact, customers frequently purchase our Anatomic Mattress toppers to place on top of those types of surfaces. top

    Are foam bedding products hot?
    Actually foam bedding is not hot. However, products that allow a great deal of penetration can be hotter than a firm flat surface. The Anatomic Toppers sold through Sleep Warehouse are made from open-celled polyurethane foam which promotes air flow and breathe-ability. Also, when toppers are covered with a traditional flat sheet as opposed to direct surface contact with your body, the heat is not a problem. top

    What if I see a lower price elsewhere?
    Sleepwarehouse sells products direct to consumers without the middleman or retail markup. However, if you do see a lower price, refer to ourGUARANTEEpage for specific details. top

    I own a featherbed or traditional fabric mattress pad; can I use those with the Anatomic Foam products?
    Anatomic Toppers give you what no other sleep surface does, and that is anatomic support. The optimum support is received when you sleep directly on the Anatomic Toppers (that have a top sheet or cover). However, if you have grown to love the feel of a down featherbed or even Memory Foam topper, you can place either product directly on top of your Anatomic Topper. You will not receive quite as much anatomic support, but you will have essentially created your own customized enhanced sleeping surface. If you have any doubts, simply try the product out. We will accept the product back if you are unsatisfied for any reason, subject to the information on ourGUARANTEEpage. top

    Do I need to use special sheets?
    You do not need to use special sheets with any of the toppers from Sleepwarehouse. Most customers simply place their fitted bottom sheet over both the topper and their mattress. If your mattress is too thick to allow the fitted sheet to cover both, other popular options include using an extra flat or fitted sheet to cover your topper, or covering your topper only with the fitted sheet. Some people with extra thick mattresses may opt for deep pocketed sheets, but it's an option that is rarely necessary. top

    Do I need to get a special cover for the toppers?
    No.  Sleepwarehouse recommends that you use a standard mattress cover or sheet over your Memory Foam topper and mattress. top

    What is the warranty?
    See our Guarantee page   top

    Do you have additional questions that we can answer?   We encourage you to contact our Customer Service Department for additional information.