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Memory Foam Pillows

sensus conture terry cloth pillowSensus Contoured Pillow

Sensus 5lb pillow provides support and pressure relief.  Those who like a firmer pillow similar to those swedish manf. pillows, will love the Sensus foam.  Available in standard, queen and king sizing.  Made in the USA

Aerus Contoured Pillow

Foamex New Breathable Aerus™ Natural 4lb Memory Foam (12 ILD) is the cool solution to memory foam.  Aerus Natural with its unique proprietary open-cel construction, allows air to flow through the topper approximately eight times more efficiently than traditional visco elastic.  Med-Soft support available in standard, queen and king sizing.  Made in the USA

Comfort 3 Memory Foam Pillow

Comfort Series 3lb (10 ILD) Memory Foam pillows are our softest memory foam pillow.  Great comfort and softness in an economical pillow. Made in the USA

Gel Memory Foam Contoured Pillow

Latest memory foam gel technology in a 3.75 lb density foam.  Gel infused foam provides a cooler sleep product, with great pressure relief and support.  Med-Soft firmness.  Made in the USA