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Natural Latex Mattress Topper

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     Certified 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

    SleepWarehouse certified 100% Natural Latex foam mattress toppers at industry leading pricing! You just cannot find a higher quality latex topper. Natural Latex foam toppers are available in 2 and 3 inch thick configurations in a Soft 16-18 ILD 4.75 lb density, Medium 28-30 ILD 5.2 lb density and Firm 33-36 ILD 5.9 lb density toppers. All latex pads are cut to order, to full industry mattress sizing.  Custom cut sizing is availabe on request.

    Latex sleep surfaces are extremely durable which will provide years of trouble free use and comfort.  Natural latex has a firm and springy feeling to it.  For people who enjoy a supportive and comfy sleep surface, latex toppers are the perfect match. Latex toppers are also a great match for larger people who are looking for a comfort/support layer for their current mattress that will last for years of use.  Eco green and free of petrochemicals, natural latex is a great choice for an eco smart sleep surface.


    ECO Institute and LGA Certificate third party testing confirms our latex toppers provide high durability and resilience in a 100% Natural Latex without fillers, synthetic rubber or hazardous particles.  SleepWarehouse latex toppers are manufactured via the Dunlop process resulting in the highest quality, supportive and comfortable latex topper.  No harmful additives, just 100% all natural organic eco green latex.  If your buying a latex topper, make sure you know what your getting!


    Soft is an all around comfort mattress pad and our most popular selling latex topper.  Provides cushioning and pressure relief. Great for those looking to add some softness and overall comfort to a too firm sleep surface, while still retaining support. Perfect for bringing life back to an old mattress or adding softness to a newer firm mattress. 


    Medium is for someone who likes a firmer sleep surface, but still wants some pressure relief. Customers who need good support for their back, but not looking for a soft or x-firm sleep surface.


    Firm is great for those who want full support, without sacrificing comfort. Firm is also great for use as a base layer in multi layer foam combinations.


    Toppers are available in 2" and 3" thicknesses. 4" latex orders are fulfilled with 2qty 2" toppers.

    • 2" is great for individuals who are under 180 lbs and primarily stomach and back sleepers. 
    • We advise customers to step up to the 3", if someone larger is sleeping on the topper (+180 lbs) or if they are primarily a side sleeper.  The extra inch of latex is great for pressure relief on shoulders, hips and arms. 
    • 4" toppers are normally used as a stand alone layer, futon replacement or as a DIY mattress layer/base layer.  4" layers are also great for use in RV's and campers. 
    • For customers needing 4" of latex, we offer discounted pricing on 2 qty 2" toppers as shown above in our pricing selection. Using 2 qty 2" toppers is actually advantagous to a single piece of latex, as you can flip/rotate the individual layers providing a longer product life then a single 4" piece of foam.


    If you are unsure of which latex mattress topper is best for you or have any questions, give us a call and speak with one of our topper specialists who are here to help you find the exact right sleep surface for your needs.

    100% All Natural Eco Latex Rubber - no synthetic material or fillers added
    ALL LATEX IS NOT CREATED EQUAL!  Make sure you know exactly what your buying, when purchasing a latex topper.  There are many resellars of latex who do not and will not disclose or provide information on their latex.  This should be a red flag!  "Sythentic" and "blended" are terms used for latex that is not 100% natural latex.  100% Talalay does not mean 100% natural.  Most of the sythetic and blended Talalay products currently sold are only 20-40% natural latex, with the rest being fillers (read-petrochemicals).  In addition if someone is claiming their latex to be Organic, ask to see the certification!  Many customers are being mislead with claims of Organic finished products.
    • ECO Institute and LGA Quality Certificate - third party testing for quality & peace of mind
    • Biodegradable - recyclable
    • Soft 4.7 lb density 16-18 ILD Natural Latex Toppers
    • Medium 5.2 lb density 28-30 ILD Natural Latex Toppers
    • Firm 5.9 lb density 33-36 ILD Natural Latex Topper
    • Open cell structure
    • 1", 2", 3" and 4" (2 qty 2") topper thicknesses available
    • Toppers cut to full industry sizing
    • Inherently Anti-Microbial and Hypoallergenic
    • Topper perforations for additional air flow
    • Custom cut at no additional cost


    SleepWarehouse latex toppers are manufactured via the Dunlop process in molds that contain small posts which creates ventilation holes throughout the product.  These holes allow air to move more freely and provides a better breathing product.

    Latex is environmentally friendly, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.  The extremely durable latex foam is naturally resilient and will not flatten over time.  The latex rubber used in our toppers is harvested from rubber trees (Hevea tree) located in Sri Lanka and Thailand (the largest natural reserve of natural latex in the world).  Each Heava tree provides approximately 15 grams of latex per day.  To put that in perspective, a queen size topper needs approximately the daily output of 2500 rubber trees, spread out over 12 acres of the plantation.  In return, these 2500 Heava trees account for the removal of 143 metric tons of Carbon dioxide from the environment every year!

    Topper Covers 

    SleepWarehouse now has two great options for covering your new topper.  

    SleepWarehouse highly recommends that customers use some type of cover on their topper for extending the life of the product, as well as keeping in clean.


    ****Please note, natural latex may/will have some slight color variances and surface imperfections due to the nature of the manufacturing process and the all natural components.  This will in no way affect the performance of the product in regards to comfort, support or durability.  Products may differ in appearance then what is pictured above.  Toppers are manufactured in a mold and then cut to size, resulting in product edges that may be slightly uneven.  The post holes in the product my not completely pass through the entire topper.

    ** California King Latex toppers will have a seam in the product.

    **Individuals with latex allergies should not use any latex sleep products.

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    1. Sleeping Great

      Tried memory foam...check. Tried cheap talalay latex topper from Amazon...check. Ended up spending a TON of time researching for a topper that would give us pressure relief, without feeling like your drowning in foam, while being natural and no smell. After literally hours of time on the internet visiting every single topper reseller and reading a million reviews, I called Sleep Warehouse. One of the only online toppers sellers that actually answered their phone...bonus. Spent almost 40 mins on the phone discussing our needs and I can't tell you what a breath of fresh air it was to get straight answers without feeling as if I was talking to a used car sales man. Customer service was extremely knowledgeable and helped immensely. Can't overstate how helpful this was. 3 days later we received our 3" latex topper and bamboo cover. No smell. Topper was packaged well and expanded to full size quickly. Very nice finish and size was perfect, not short cut. It did take a night or two to get use to the new sleep surface, but my wife and I are sleeping great and extremely happy with this purchase. Glowing bet. Haven't been this comfortable on our bed for years. Thank you! on 29th Nov 2016

    2. good product, just wish i was able to sample the different densities first

      Bought the medium and wish we would have gotten the soft. Medium is firmer than expected. on 5th Nov 2016

    3. So glad we tried it!

      Not all latex toppers are created equal...seriously. We've bough a few latex toppers for our town home and our summer cabin over the past few years. These were purchased online through a group who pops up at the top for latex topper searches...not going to name names :) Our experience with these products was fine and they added comfort and pressure relief that we were looking for. We had the need for another topper and decided to take a gamble with Sleep Warehouse after reading a ton of online reviews, comments and information. The main draw or difference that we wanted to try, was Sleep Warehouse's "continuous pour" latex. Comments found online in regards to quality and overall "fit and finish", seemed that the Sleep Warehouse product offered a higher quality product and we really liked that if was manufactured in the USA (understanding the latex is sourced from abroad). The product showed up within 5 days of placing the order. We are not exactly in a major metropolitan area, so this was more then acceptable and worked for our timeline of receiving the product. Upon opening the product there was zero noticeable smell...great! This is one of the major reasons we choose to go with latex over memory foam. With the topper, we purchased a Bamboo cover. Cover was relatively easy to put on (with 2 people..King sized) and quality seem good. Was a little skeptical about the bottom "no slip" material, but this actually works good and the topper does not slide around on top of the mattress. It does help that a 3" King topper weights +60 lbs. One note, the topper has holes that go about 80% of the way through the topper. We contacted SleepWarehouse to inquire if there was a "top" and "bottom" to the topper, but were told no...and were encouraged to use both sides of the topper, rotating/flipping the topper every 6 months or so for longer product life...makes sense. So now for the sleep was great! Both my husband and I had zero transition period in getting use to the new sleep surface. The new latex topper from Sleep Warehouse was a bit firmer then our old topper, but we believe that's due to the original topper being older and starting to wear out lose some of its cushioning. Great support with just the right amount of pressure relief. Latex is defiantly not mushy like memory foam...which we tried and did not like for that specific reason. The Sleep Warehouse topper was smooth on both sides, making the product look more "finished" and higher quality. There were no holes or chunks of foam missing, like we had with our other latex toppers. Nice white color without blemishes. The overall appearance of the latex is nicer. Overall great buying experience and we are very happy that we gave Sleep Warehouse our business. Need to mention customer support was extremely knowledgable about their product and very nice to speak with. Highly recommend the product.
      on 1st Nov 2016

    4. A very happy customer


      I received a new Serta Memory foam king mattress due to failure of a Serta "natural latex" mattress under warranty it developed pockets where I slept even though I turned the mattress every week. I had to receive the just released memory foam mattress for replacement due to they did not manufacture a natural latex mattress at that time. I would use the term "what a hot mess" to explain the level of sleep that came from sleeping on high end memory foam. I really love 100% natural latex experience and even sleep with several sizes of pillows made of 100% latex dunlop and talalay. After researching I made the decision to purchase a 4 inch medium ILD 100% natural dunlop latex mattress topper w/bamboo cover for my king size bed in July 2016. It is now entering winter like weather where I live so feel I can give an honest endorsement about sleep topper. It arrived quickly after I placed my order and was able to unpack then place the 4 inch latex topper into the bamboo cover on my bed. I had no problems with any odor and have experience the best sleep of my life with whether it is hot or cold outside. It stays an even temperature and does not swallow me up like memory foam does when it gets warm. I am so glad to have found a reputable company who cares about their customers having a healthy sleep experience. I highly recommend this company and their products. Sincerely, A very Happy Customer
      on 24th Oct 2016

  • Other Details

    Topper Dimensions: Twin - 75" x 38" | Twin XL - 80" x 38" | Full/Double - 78" x 53" | Queen - 80" x 60" | King - 80" x 76" | Cal King - 84" x 72"