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Back to School - Memory Foam and Latex Mattress Toppers for College

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Time flies when your having fun and it's hard to believe summer is already coming to an end!  Back to school is one of our busiest times of the year in regards to natural latex mattress toppers and memory foam topper sales.

Thousands of new college students heading off to college for the first time with cars packed to the roof with dorm room supplies.  Mom's & Dad's scrambling to make sure they are sending their student off with everything that they'll need for academic success.  For all involved it is an exciting, but many times a stressful process with their student in most cases venturing out on their own for the first time in their lives!

One important aspect that should not be overlooked is your students dorm room mattress.  Now the plain truth in regards to dorm room mattresses, most are far from the luxurious sleep surfaces our students are use to at home.  Colleges do a great job at providing students with all the tools to be successful, but in the area of mattresses, not so much.  College mattresses are required to stand up to the rigors of college dorm life first and foremost, which in most cases sacrifices comfort for longevity of use.  Second, college mattresses are not replaced yearly.  This is just not feasible for the college due to the costs involved.  This places your coed in a situation of having to sleep on a mattress which has seen a few years of college life go by and we'll leave it at that!

Sleep Warehouse has been selling college dorm room toppers for over 10 years and it just continues to grow each year.  There are 2 main avenues in regards to topper products that most choose, being our 100% Natural Latex mattress toppers or Memory Foam toppers.  Each has its own benefits depending on the specific needs your student may have.  Memory foam toppers tend to be more "cushy" and "doughy" providing a great overall comfort topper for a firm college mattress.  Latex mattress toppers provide comfort, but also still provide good support in a 100% natural sleep surface.  Our Natural Latex toppers are seeing a dramatic increase in back to schools sales as more and more customers are realizing the benefits of natural latex.  Both latex toppers and memory foam toppers are available in Twin and Twin XL sizing and a choice of thickness. 2-3" toppers are the preferred thickness for dorm use.

We highly recommend choosing one of our quality topper covers to protect your topper investment.  Sleep Warehouse Bamboo topper cover is our most popular cover.  The soft bamboo material provides a great feel, all while keeping the foam topper inside clean and tear free.

We wish all of our new college coeds the best of luck for a new year of success and adventure.  If you need any assistance choosing the exact right product for your student, please do not hesitate to give us a call and speak with one of our topper specialists.

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