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Can Memory Foam Reduce Tossing and Turning?

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Barring serious disorders like sleep apnea, most people toss and turn at night because they cannot get sufficiently comfortable. Perhaps the mattress is too hard, the temperature isn’t right, or their back and joints hurt from uneven pressure. They start tossing around unconsciously, and end up having trouble drifting off to sleep peacefully.

Thankfully, there is an easy answer to this. Getting a memory foam mattress or topper may finally put an end to your ceaseless movement while asleep, as it has for many people across the country. But how does it do this?

How Memory Foam Can Help

You likely keep tossing and turning because of poor body alignment. Memory foam will mold to every curve and contour of your body, relieve pressure points, and avoid leaving gaps which can cause discomfort. Unlike with normal mattresses, you no longer have to keep moving around to “find” a comfortable position, as memory foam automatically adjusts itself to suit your current posture.

Even better, memory foam is highly efficient at absorbing the energy from your movements. This means that if you do still toss and turn slightly while asleep, your spouse will barely feel it at all, even if they are an extremely sensitive sleeper. There’s no more chance of them waking up due to your antics, or if you decide to get up to go to the bathroom.

If you are not sure whether a memory foam mattress or topper is right for you, give it a try for two or three weeks. Our return policy covers a full 30-day period, so you can see for yourself how good it is at reducing tossing and turning, along with general sleep discomfort.

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