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Natural Latex Mattress Toppers - Which one is the best?

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"Which latex mattress topper is the best?".  If this is not asked once, it's asked a dozen or more times a day from customers calling in to Sleep Warehouse trying to wade through the vast amount of information posted up on the internet.  It can be quite daunting for consumers reading pages upon pages of retailers information self proclaiming their latex toppers are "the best".  While there are good products to be had, there are many products which just don't match up and we would like help customers make an informed decision on which latex mattress topper is best for their requirements.

Sleep Warehouse only sells certified 100% Natural Latex Dunlop mattress toppers.  We do not sell blended or synthetic Talalay latex.  A major point in regards to Talalay latex, is the vast majority of Talalay latex offered in retail or on the internet is only 20-30% actual natural latex, with 70-80% being SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber).  There's lots of information and reading to be had on SBR if you are curious, just do a quick search.  Latex toppers described as "blended" or "synthetic" are products with SBR.

Most people looking to purchase a latex mattress topper, do so wanting a supportive yet cushioning sleep surface, without chemicals or harmful FR (flame retardant) additives. These customers are looking for an eco green bedding solution to provide a comfortable nights rest.  It is of our opinion and many years of mattress topper product experience, that an all natural Dunlop latex mattress topper provides the best overall sleep experience, product longevity and eco green sleep surface for our customers looking for an alternative to memory foam or other polyurethane mattress toppers.

Taking this one step further, Dunlop latex toppers can be manufactured by either pouring 6" latex slabs/buns or via the newer Continuous Pour manufacturing process.  Sleep Warehouse latex mattress toppers are manf. by the Continuous Pour system, which provides for a more density consistent and uniform latex product.  Instead of pouring the latex into 6" slabs, the toppers are manf. to specific customer sized thicknesses at 2" and 3" without any seams.  The main advantage to this, is producing a latex topper who's density is the same for every topper poured.  There can be slight variances due to the natural properties of the latex, but these are very small, so the topper you purchase today, will feel the same as a new topper you purchase down the road.  Unlike a 6" pour, where the latex can and will settle during the vulcanization process (causing the bottom of the slab to be more dense then the top of the slab).  Then once the slab is fabricated and cut into individual mattress toppers, the resulting product firmness/density can differentiate based on if the 2" topper is cut from the top or bottom of the 6" slab, which as a consumer you have no control of.

Sleep Warehouse's latex toppers have a finished "skin" on both the top and bottom of the product, resulting in a more finished (better looking) and better wearing product.  Toppers cut from slabs may have raw cut surfaces on both sides or one side finished and one side raw, again depending on where in the 6" slab your latex mattress topper is cut from.  Even with our "skinned" latex toppers, we encourage customer to use a high quality cover, such as our Bamboo topper cover to provide protection from dirt/debri and wear/tear of everyday use.  Using a cover will greatly prolong the life of your mattress topper.

The manufacture and fabrication of Sleep Warehouse latex mattress toppers takes place here in the USA, which we are very proud of.

We encourage customers to give us a call and speak with our topper specialists if you have any questions or need help choosing the exact right product for your needs.  One size does not fit all and we can help make sure you get the right product, the first time around.


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