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Sleep Warehouse Offers Custom Sized Natural Latex and Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

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Do you have a custom sized mattress or bed frame?  European mattress sizing?  Unique sized RV/trailer, boat or truck mattress?  Custom foam project for your house or cabin?

Sleep Warehouse specializes in high-end 100% Natural Latex and Certipur Certified Memory Foam mattress toppers (all made in the USA).  Our cutting edge fabrication facilities specialize in creating custom sized mattress toppers for your specific projects.  Precise foam cutting services, ensures the best quality manufacturing processes.  CNC foam cutting technology available for unique and detailed product design.

RV and boat mattresses and topper customizations top the list in regards to custom foam projects.  Many travel trailers, motor coaches, yachts and boats have custom sized mattresses due to the limited space available.  Non-standard topper sizing presents these owners with challenges in how to upgrade sleep surfaces.  In most cases, the addition of a high quality mattress topper, will significantly improve the quality and comfort of the original mattress.  Many times, these mattresses are made with the most basic of designs, due to sizing and budget limitations.  Adding 2-3 inches of Natural Latex or Memory Foam dramatically improves the pressure relieving and comfort properties of the OEM mattress, all while being extremely budget friendly.

In cases where the customer wishes to replace the entire mattress, Sleep Warehouse can custom build latex and memory foam mattresses to the customers required sizing.  Don't forget about the foam in your bench seats and special nook areas in your recreation vehicle.

To get a quote or additional information regarding your custom foam fabrication requirements, just give us a call at 888-624-1010 and speak with one of our foam specialists.  One of the largest selections of base HR/HD polyurethane base foams, memory foam and 100% natural latex, allows Sleep Warehouse to create the custom sleep surface of your choice.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

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