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What to Look for in a Good Guest Bed

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When you’re preparing to have a house full of guests, it can be stressful to think about where they are going to sleep. Rather than giving up your own bed to make sure they have a comfortable night’s rest, these days you can find a variety of different options for the best guest beds. Here are some of the things you should be looking for as you shop for the perfect sleeping station for your visitors.

Identify Your Budget

Certainly you want to have a nice guest bedroom, and you want to have a place where people can sleep comfortably, but a bed is often a major purchase and you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on one that will only be used for a small number of nights each year. It’s important to think about what you want to spend, and what you are able to spend, before you start shopping so you can maximize the budget you do have and find the most comfortable guest bed option.

Review Your Available Space

Having a dedicated guest room will provide you with more space and more options than if you are planning to combine a guest sleeping area with some other room in your house, such as an office or study, a child’s bedroom, a living area, or a loft. In the former case you can consider the size of the room and try to find a bed that will comfortably fit, while the latter case may require that you find a guest bed that can be folded up when it’s not in use, or hidden, as in the case of a murphy or trundle bed.

There are dozens of options out there for hidden beds, including trundle beds, which double the sleeping space without taking up a whole room most of the time. Murphy beds and sleeper sofas can also be hidden away so the space is available for other things when no one is staying at your home.

Have Some Additional Options on Hand

Sometimes even the best-planned guest sleeping areas are not enough. When the whole family calls and says they are coming for the holidays, it’s important to have some extra sleeping space on hand for emergency use. The most effective stash-able sleeping options include tri-fold mattresses, which are generally twin, full, or queen size, but can be combined to make larger “beds” if necessary, and air mattresses. The advantage of a tri-fold mattress is that it provides you with the added comfort of materials like memory foam, and the air doesn’t leak out through the night, leaving your guests more or less sleeping on the floor by morning. Since it folds up quickly, it can be cleaned up easily and takes up only a little bit of space in a closet or storage area.

If you do need to pull out some of this emergency bedding, it’s also helpful to have options like privacy screens that you can set out in common areas to provide your guests with a little bit of their own “space” while they are asleep and they won’t be disturbed with everyone who walks by in the morning.

Having the right guest beds helps make family and friend visits fun, and takes the stress out of trying to figure out where everyone will sleep at night.

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