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Mattress Topper Covers

mattresstoppercoverterrycloth2-1.jpgMattress Topper Covers

Bamboo and Terry mattress topper covers to protect your SleepWarehouse 100% Natural Latex and Memory Foam mattress topper pads. 

Topper covers fit 2-4" toppers, totally encasing the foam for the ultimate in protection, while not inhibiting the support and comforting benefits of your topper.  3 sided zipper for easy removal and non-slip bottom material, keeps your topper in place.

Bamboo Mattress Topper Covers

Bamboo topper cover for the ultimate in comfort and softness.  Bamboo topper cover is an excellent choice for everyday use and an eco green cover solution to go with your 100% Natural SleepWarehouse Latex mattress topper.  Customers have made this our best selling topper cover.

Terry Mattress Topper Covers

Terry topper cover is a great basic lightweight cover.  This is a customer favorite for dorm room, RV & Camper use, as well as a light weight every day use cover.

Whichever topper cover you choose, you will be extending the life of your mattress topper and getting years of comfort and pressure relief for your best nights rest.


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